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STUDY ABROAD READINESS Program & Training on IELTS Jogja


Open registration for our Best Seller program this August! 

For you who currently prepare for IELTS Test and Studying Abroad

  • Duration : 5 weeks starts from August 22, 2019
  • Fee : IDR 1,900,000/person + Registration fee IDR 200,000.
  • Location : Sire Gadjah Mada Office, Yogyakarta (Google Map)
  • Group : 2-5 people per workshop
  • Schedule : Thursday (06.30 – 09.00 p.m) and Saturday (02.30 – 05.00 p.m)
  • Private (1 person) option is available with price IDR 4,100,000. Contact us for further info


What you get :

  • One-on-one assessment Each client has their own need and target. We adjust the workshop curriculum based on the client’s assessment result.
  • IELTS Training Jogja : All Aspects – Academic Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking.
  • Test simulation and Review 2-3 tests in the end of the program.
  • Consultancy for Study Abroad Applications : CV, Motivation Letter, Interview


Why you should choose STUDY ABROAD READINESS Program in Sire Gadjah Mada :

  • Complete Package : Combining IELTS Training, Test Simulation, and consultancy for CVMotivation Letter dan Scholarship Interview.
  • The most affordable price :  Sire Gadjah Mada is a private company focusing on social entrepreneurship with social good as its mission. Thus, we set the price of our service to be affordable. We believe that the chance of studying abroad is not only for the rich, but also for those with middle and low income.
  • Those who have been here will travel the world : Since 2012, we have helped our clients to achieve their dreams of studying abroad through various scholarships such as LPDP, Australian Award, Erasmus Mundus, etc.
  • Small Group with Professional Consultant : we believe the smaller the group is, the more effective the learning process will be.


Contact us

SMS/WhatsApp : 0877 3987 4714 (NO CALL) || Email : [email protected]