Bahasa Indonesia Course in Jogja – Magelang, Indonesia

Indonesian Language Course Jogja, Indonesia


Learning language should be about excitement, not a hard work. Pronouncing word by word in a fun way, just like when we were taught as a toddler.  

Go from absolute beginner to confident speaker – all without memorizing books, doing homework, or having to do things in a stressful way. Learn new language naturally – just as you learned your own.

Bahasa Indonesia is a very simple and easy language to practice. We are not only teaching you Bahasa Indonesia. We make you speak.

Indonesian Language

Conversation & Cultural Immersion Program


  • Qualified curriculum is carefully design to meet the needs on Bahasa Indonesia communication ability, understanding Indonesian culture and engagement with Indonesian people in the friendly atmosphere.
  • Comfortable & effective language learning process in a private and comfortably designed room
  • Friendly and experienced consultants with years of Bahasa Indonesia teaching experiences and international achievements with scholarship in student exchanges to United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan and Singapore.


  • The course is flexibly adjusted to your level & need.
  • The program can begin at anytime convenient for our client. Design your own personal schedule by prior consultancy. We offer you wide option of day to night private session, Monday to Saturday. Discuss your schedule via Email : or by WhatsApp / Phone : +62 877 3987 4714 (Indonesian number)


Payment via cash/transfer, with IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).

20 hours program :

  • Private (1 person) IDR 4,100,000/person (BEST SELLER!)
  • Group (minimum 2 people) IDR  1,900,000/person

10 hours program :

  • Private (1 person) IDR 2,100,000/person
  • Group (minimum 2 people) IDR 1,100,000/person

Registration IDR 200,000.



  • Module with focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking practice
  • One-on-one learning process
  • Conversation & Speaking practice
  • Introduction to Living in Indonesia; Indonesian culture, culinary, social manner, democracy, religion, tourism places, shopping centres, etc.
  • Javanese language & culture – since the course is held in Jogja where the local language is Javanese, so we provide an introduction to Javanese alphabets, phrases and local culture
  • Immersion program – Social engagement & mingling with local people
  • Field Trip – Assisted field trip to practice Bahasa Indonesia with local people in Jogja & Magelang
  • Indonesian Culture Workshop (*making batik, cooking Indonesian food & traditional snack, traditional dance, etc)
  • You may join Sire Gadjah Mada social program where clients from various countries taught their native language & introduce their local culture to Indonesian children for multicultural understanding purpose.




  • Beginner
  • Fluent
  • Advance

Basic Skill

  • Vocabulary
  • Conversation Skill
  • Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing Skill

What is your focus?

  • Beginner (Learn from Zero Vocabularies)
  • Basic for Conversation, Volunteer, Communication, Travel & Tourism
  • Business Communication
  • Preparation for Permanently Living in Indonesia
  • Academic Purpose (Reading, Translating, Academic Writing & Presentation)


All courses are conducted in Sire Gadjah Mada office in Jogja / Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

If you stay outside Jogja

should you stay in cities outside Jogja such as Magelang, Solo, or Jakarta and prefer the course for your company/group to be conducted in the mentioned areas, contact us early on.

Courses Abroad

Sire Gadjah Mada also provide Indonesian language course service for countries outside of Indonesia, such as United States, Netherlands, Japan, etc by sending 2 of our consultants per visit to your company or institution.


Contact us! SIRE Gadjah Mada 

  • Email :
  • WhatsApp : +62 877 3987 4714 (Indonesian number)
  • Should you need consultancy by phone/online prior your stay in Jogja, Indonesia (during your stay or preparation before your trip to Indonesia), don’t hesitate to contact us